Mill-Work & Custom Cabinetry.

Office Wood Furniture

Few things bring distinction to a room like rich hardwood furniture. Hardwood furniture is also an investment as it lasts for centuries. Softwood or plastic furniture is not nearly as durable or solid as hardwood furniture so though you may pay less for it in the present you will end up spending more to replace the furniture in the future.

Custom Wooden Wall Units

To maximize space usage and bring together a room, our custom made wall units are an excellent idea. Our woodworking specialists have built many wooden wall units from wood shelving units to closet storage; we can design the unit to meet your needs. Something we ask our customers is if they have any family heirlooms that are important to them. If so then we often create a section in the wall units to display the item, adding a natural conversation piece to the room.

Custom Kitchen, Bathroom, Cabinetry

In many cases you may have cabinetry that is in good shape but the doors are dated. We specialize in replacing old style doors with raised panel or shaker doors to give the appearance of a new kitchen. We can match existing stains and colors which saves a lot of expense or we can relaminate your existing cabinet doors. Cabinet building is a woodworking art all its own. Designing the actual cabinetry is a science that combines your needs as well as what you like in style and type of finish. Another important aspect of custom cabinetry over boxed cabinetry is that boxed cabinetry comes in specific sizes which can waste space, whereas we can utilize all of the space available with custom made cabinetry giving you the optimal storage space.


We can reface your existing fireplace with a wooden fireplace surround that will bring new beauty to your room. There are endless choices in the design, style, and finish.

Home Theatres

Home theaters are fantastic when you just want to lose yourself in the experience of whatever you are watching. But if your home theater feels cluttered and unorganized with wires strewn about it may be hard to not become distracted while you are trying to enjoy your free time. Our woodworkers can build the wall unit to make your home theater into a room that looks as exciting as it is entertaining. We take into consideration all the equipment you have, and the equipment you may want in the future, to build a home theater that is the main attraction.