Custom Home Entertainment Center Creation in Palmetto

Is your home entertainment center a television on top of an old coffee table and a bunch of cables in a pile on the floor? This is the case for many people in and around Palmetto.

Master Carpentry of Manatee, Inc. is owned and operated by Dan Holland, a professional carpenter who has been serving the people of Palmetto and the surrounding area for more than 30 years. Dan’s carpentry and design skills give him the ability to look at the area for the new home entertainment center and come up with a number of different options to perfectly incorporate the new entertainment center into the existing decor of a space.

But don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at the gallery and see for yourself.

Why get a custom home entertainment system?

This is a question that the people of Palmetto ask us quite often. The main reason is to improve the look and functionality of the space. A place for everything and everything in its place as it were.

No more wires to trip over or lack of shelving space for accessories.

But, of course, there is still the question of why get a custom home entertainment system?

Built to last: Master Carpentry Of Manatee, Inc. works with all types of wood as well composite materials. These materials create a very solid structure that have a much longer life span than most factory made ready-made home entertainment centers.

Fits perfectly in both size and style: TVs come in all sizes and so do rooms. Get an entertainment center that is tailor made to fit your space and needs. Interior décor is different in every home. Why not get a piece that works with your current look and pulls the space together?

Flexibility: More often than not, the cookie cutter approach only meets your needs adequately, not perfectly. Does it have enough shelves? Are they the right size? Do you have some specific antique or heirloom that you would like to display in the unit? These issues are easily answered with a custom home entertainment center.

Dismantle that mantle?

Many home owners in Palmetto have fireplaces and do not wish to give up the enjoyment their fireplace brings to their lives just to bring in a home entertainment center that will hide it because of the way the center is designed.

Not a problem. Master Carpentry Of Manatee, Inc. will incorporate your fireplace and mantle into the design of your new home entertainment center.

Give us a call

If the people in Palmetto or the surrounding area have any questions about a custom home entertainment center then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!